Sunday, June 10, 2012

Independant Assignment

I had a few issues with my movie maker, some of the wording was cut off after i posted the video on youtube, but i have no idea why and didn't know how to fix it :/ well hopefully you get the just of it !

Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 things...

1. I enjoyed experiencing the flipped courses, although it was hard to do all the lessons at home
without a teacher to ask questions to about what I learned the previous night.

2. Miss Kule, was a great teacher, very detailed and never left questions that students had unanswered! Also very interactive with the whole class :)

3. I believe that having courses online has its advantages because there is tutoring atleast once a week incase you arent sure of some material, and I also liked handing in my assignments by email because it saves a lot of paper ahaha... Although I could have done without all the scanning of assignments :-(

4. My advice to next years chem students would be to never leave voicethreads unwatched because you will get behind and FAST!

5. Having so many students in chem class was great because if class was over and I needed help, things like facebook allowed me to get answers from other students! Also a great way to meet new people :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Magic of C O N I C S

Well this is my creation from Geogebra using
C O N I C S! .. Not the best, but I think i'm pretty close :)

By the way.. just in case some people don't know what my creation is suppose to be, it is Pikachu the pokemon! ahahah

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here is my concept map IA session 6 :)

IA Session 4/5

My FINAL research questions;

How can math be used to improve ones performance in hockey?

source 1:

Being as I play hockey myself, I have taken time after practices to time,
measure, and calculate exactly what i do, so I can use this information later on
when i will be putting my IA together.

source 2:

i already know what to do and not do during a game, but my coach helped clearify what exactly it is to take a GREAT shot in hockey. He has given me a lot of insight of how hitting the ice in different spots will affect how high or low the puck will go, or how pointing your stick exactly where you want it, will affect where the puck will go as well. All these little things he has told me will be great help for my IA!

source 3:

Of course, the internet has aloud me to learn about hockey in ways i never knew would be related to math!

source 4:

My more experienced friends who have been hockey for nearly their whole lives have given me more information about my subject as well. For example, one of my friends actually took the time to calculate where she was most accurate on the ice for making goals. she took 50 shots from 5 different angles, and then calculated where she was best out of the 250 shots she took, then applied that to her next season! She based her whole season on what she discovered with math :)

Le Chatelier's Principle!

So when we starting learning about Le Chateliers Principle, there were 3 main factors that affected the equilibrium state of the reaction; can you guess what they are?

... Temperature, Pressure & Volume and Concentration!

Let's start with

increasing the temperature will favor a reverse reaction, causing the reaction to be

decreasing the temperature will favor a forward reaction, causing the reaction to be

E A S Y!

Now moving on to Pressure & Volume!

If increasing the pressure and decreasing the volume, the reaction will favor the side with the less moles (or less volume)

If decreasing the pressure and increasing the volume, the reaction will favor the side with the a greater amount of moles (or greater volume)

nothing too hard :)

Last one, concentration!

If you remove a reactant from the equation, it will favor the reactant side. (left)

If you add a reactant to the equation, it will favor the product side. (right)

If you add more product to the equation, it will favor the reactants side. (left)

If you remove a product from the equation, it will favor the product side. (right)

Now you know all what these is to know about these 3 factors :)